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“I help responsible people who are asking questions of who, why, how, when and what; to build a bridge inward, kindly, and find the answers within; to wake up, recognize and act upon their excellence and power, in order to make a difference in their lives and in other people`s lives.”

Building a bridge to yourself!

Would you like to:

  • Bring your dream to reality
  • Live the life you imagine
  • Feel more ease in life
  • Feel more joyous, take more out of every moment
  • Be more confident
  • Understand yourself better
  • Know what makes you unique
  • Reach your potential, develop and reach self-actualisation
  • Transform your relationship with yourself
  • Transform and have better relationships with others and with those really important to you
  • Create “more” time & space for the activities really important to you
  • Making better decisions
  • Feel more in control over your life
  • Feel alive and live a fulfilled life
  • Enjoy and get more out of your current career or find the one that gives you meaning
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Find out what you actually want in life?
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What is Coaching and how it can help you?

Coaching is a collaborative, dynamic relationship between two (or a group of) people where the focus is to support the client (coachee) to reach his/her goals.

This happens through the meaningful conversation between the coach and the client, where using various tools and techniques the client has the ability to see things from different perspectives; tap into his/her own potential and greatness; then with the awareness gained the client takes actions, which results to get closer and reach the desired outcome or even better.

What is Mindfulness and how it can help you?

In short we could say “bare awareness“, based on what Jon Kabat- Zinn say “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the moment and non-judgmentally.” or by Shario & Carlson “Mindfulness is the awareness that arises out of intentionally paying attention in an open, kind and discerning way.”

Which means, once we have awareness, possibilities and choices open up to us in every moment, giving us the freedom to choose how to respond to whatever is there in the present moment, including pleasant, unpleasant or neutral events.

Mindfulness, particularly the MBSR course which I teach, it`s like bridge, gives each person the possibility to reconnect with themselves, to turn inward and recognize the power and potential within, in an experiential and kind way.

Both in Coaching & Mindfulness

You will:

  • be heard
  • be listened to
  • be understood
  • get time and space which is all about you
  • experience empathy
  • experience an open & non-judgmental space
  • experience that someone is curious about what makes you tick
  • experience that someone actually only focusing on your benefits
  • experience an adult to adult collaborative partnership, where you are taking the responsibility and making the choice
  • experience a dynamic and sometimes challenging cooperation
  • experience subtle positive changes
  • be challenged through questions and exercises
  • experience becoming your own coach and that coaching might become an attitude to live by
  • create a new way of living

What are the topics we can work on:

  • Relationship with yourself: Self-discovery, self-knowledge, self-development
  • Self-actualisation, recognizing and acting upon your excellence
  • Self-esteem, Confidence, Self-love
  • Health & Wellbeing: becoming fit, losing weight, eating healthier, managing stress, work-life balance
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Ethical & moral questions, finding the answers right for you
  • Career development, career change; what is right for you
  • Dealing with change: moving neighbourhood, city, country; transformation between life stages from young adulthood to adulthood, leaving home and starting your own life
  • Relationship challenges whether friendship, relationship with partner or parents or relationship with colleagues in the workplace
  • Other topics you bring in

The values that present themselves in the coaching room with me:

Commitment & Dedication

In the coaching room, you will experience my full commitment and dedication towards You and Your dreams, there is no such a things as impossible. This commitment & dedication needs to stem from both of us.

Authenticity & Freedom

We are all coming from different walks of life, carrying our own bag. It is only you who knows what you really feel and what you really want. I will provide a safe, kind and non-judging space for You to be Your authentic self.

Growth & Development

With and open and curious mind we both will be able to learn and go towards the unknown. During coaching, cultivating growth mindset can support the learning process towards the goal you want, step by step, moment to moment.

Appreciating Beauty & Excellence

We all have different strengths, unique skills, abilities and ways of being who we are. You will receive the appretiation and the process in enhancing your “superpower”.


The key element in coaching which makes the difference is the connection and the relationship. You will receive all my attention, you will be “heard” and “seen”. You will gain new perspectives through the reflection I can provide.


Through our coaching you will become the better version of yourself which through you will be able to more positively contribute to your loved ones, community and world.

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What people say:

“Gabriella is an insightful, compassionate listener. She is a skilled master at guiding to find solutions and getting to the root of an issue. When I was stuck and needed help Gabriella asked key questions which helped me find answers. Her empathic ability to deeply listen along with her intuitive nature led me to lasting results. I am deeply grateful for Gabriella and highly recommend her.” LR

“Gabriella has a fantastic voice that lends itself to meditation and great empathy. I really feel she practices what she preaches which gives you the confidence to share within the group or personally. Gabriella always responds to emails, WhatsApp or text. I have a greater knowledge of Mindfulness and enough tools to carry this on by myself. Thank you!” DB

“Gabriella is a natural teacher and has a very non threatening, relaxed but knowledgeable style. The course was delivered professionally and was made fun but also gave reason for thoughtfulness and consideration for others and always in a kind way. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The course has enabled me to regain my confidence and belief in myself, thank you so much Gabriella” NT

“You became really a special person to me while we had our coaching lessons as you are a highly efficient personality with a lot of empathy.” KB

“Gabriella is a rare thing. Someone whose attention is focussed solely on you, and what matters to you. She has skills in listening attentively and helping you to draw our the heart of an issue. She makes you feel truly heard and understood in a compassionate and empathic environment. Gabriella has remarkable presence which I am sure comes from her expertise in mindfulness. She is creative and imaginative and her intentions are entirely for your benefit. If you have an opportunity to work with Gabriella in any way I’d grab the opportunity.” SG

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