The difference between Flow and Mindfulness

My intention with this short content is to write down my experience about the difference between being in Flow and being in Awareness.

Before I started practising Mindfulness and bare awareness, I also thought to myself that, if I am fully immersed in an activity for example playing sports, being involved in creative work, like arts and crafts and much more, in a positive, uplifting and energized way, so much that actually the whole world disappears, which is being in Flow, then it means I am practising Mindfulness; as I thought Mindfulness means clearing the mind, being relaxed, being happy, being positive, being in a special calming state.

But then, I were having moments when I was not in that state, I was feeling low, maybe even said or stressful or frustration and disappointment. So I thought, this is not right, I must get into being in Flow, so I was pushing away negative states and I was craving and looking for Flow moments. But I had this feeling, that this is not right as I am losing moments, moments to embrace myself even when I am not in Flow.

And when I met with Vipassana meditation and Mindfulness, I realized that by embracing all my experiences I can be whole. By not wanting things to be different or in a certain way, pushing away things or clinging into things, I am able to experience, ease and freedom.

None of this is right or wrong, experiencing both, feeling both, embracing both, it is all part of the whole. Being in Flow means being in Flow, a moment to moment awareness. I am aware that I am in Flow.

It is the knowing that You are not your body, and you are not in your body, but your body is within You, within that wast energy of You.

What is in your experience right now? I am curious. Send me a message if you would like to share whatever came up in you right now after reading this.

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