Letting Go; What does it mean?

If we would like change to happen in our life, whether this change is experiencing being in the present moment more fully and accepting what it is, developing the attitude of letting go is necessary, it is part of a natural cycle. This letting go involves ideas, emotions, thoughts, feelings, projects, habits, people or something tangible or intangible items and more including beliefs, viewpoints, perspectives and even the wanting to let go. So how is your relationship with Letting Go? How do you find it? How do you know when is the time to let go of something? How do you know what to let go?

When we are young, events happening with us, which we are not in control mostly as the responsibility is in the hands of our parents for example, however as we are becoming adults we have the responsibilities over our decisions. So, How do you know how to make decisions right for you?

In this post, I would like to focus on how we can objectively analyse and make a decision of letting go something which does not support us any longer, I am not saying that the action will automatically happen; the first step can be to have a clear awareness of what is there.

As part of my journey, I have changed and moved locations, Schools, workplaces, “people” many times, more times than the majority of people I know, perhaps more than the average. Letting go is perhaps the toughest, which sometimes we don`t realise. But the questions is, how the current circumstances including all the above examples and more, are actually supporting us, helpful and nurturing to be the best version of ourselves, aligned with our values to live the life we would like to live.

In the next paragraph you can find a reflection form, which you are more than welcome to use, which perhaps could help you to make a right decision for you in letting go of something that does not support you, maybe at first it will be just an understanding and awareness; the choice and responsibility is in your hand.

What has inspired me to write this post is a recent event, when I needed to make a decisions whether wanting to keep an acquaintance in this moment in my life or not, and what really helped me to make the right decision is my connection I have built with my body to recognise the signs of what is trying to tell me.

The opposite happened with me also, I had a couple of really nice friends, whom they cut off the contact with me for whatever reason, and when through compassion and empathy, I was able to put myself into their shoes, I realised that they did it because that was the step/action they find right and best, the decision to nurture and protect themselves in this way. This too, after the first shock and not understanding, I needed to kindly let go, so as for them too.

So, what is the secondary gain preventing you to let go of something that does not nurture you any longer? What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? Is it true? To Whom is that belong to? What else is possible? How can it be any better that this, with ease?….

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it was valuable; if so please comment below, I am very curious to know what do you think about it and how it helped you!



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