The Potential of Bringing Mindfulness into Workplaces and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago within the Mindfulness Workplace Community we had a really inspiring conversation around the above topic of “What it would mean to bring mindfulness into workplaces?” What is the potential and benefit of doing that?” “What changes would occur and how would it look like?

Since then I`ve kept thinking about this, and what was continuously coming to my mind is “balance”. I don`t know how you are with it, but I feel that everything is extremely quick around me, fast and instant; we could say everything is about and around doing and having more and more, quicker and easier; at least this is what I have been feeling for a couple of years now for sure. However the past year the Pandemic has caused a tremendous changes in this aspect; perhaps this is what we needed, I wonder. Similarly with the affect of staying at home, deep inside, what I have always wanted and I am aligned to and somehow wanted to integrate in my life, is slowing down, reflecting and bringing joy in the moment, besides of all the doing, striving, achieving goals and reaching something in the future; key element perhaps is balancing the two.

We all would like to bring more joy and freedom into our lives, and the contradiction, that we work harder to reach that; we even work for years in a place or in a way, which is not aligned with our values of who we are. This is still the trend, work hard, so then you will be able to afford a comfortable living, and somehow compromise between family time or career, not even mentioning about depts and morgage.

Therefore, my question “Does it need to be like this?” Working hard in a way which doesn`t bring joy and then have a bit of time to enjoy living? Hmmm, personally I don`t agree with this. I believe that life is about joy and meaning, maybe bringing in the PERMA model by Martin Seligman, in all areas of our lives including inside and outside, within the career and at home, alone and with others; balance between doing and being. And this is what I would like to promote.

And what we discussed is that the potential of having this balance in work, mindfulness can be the answer. So then how can we bring Mindfulness into the Workplaces?

Changing the mindset of leaders is key; leaders of our countries, and leaders from all levels, including directors, managers mid-managers, the way we operate, the way we create demand and expectations and the way we treat and pay our employees. We have this identity ingrained that as we did things in a certain way for decades and centuries, it needs to be like this, but does it really? ( I could write about this much more as many questions arise in me about even the standard working hours, to be less than this average of 40 per week, which is often much more, but perhaps in another blog. )

What we agreed during our talk is to bring in Mindfulness from all levels, including all stakeholders, starting with our own selves, as through practicing Mindfulness we can gain the awareness about what is good and right for us, make better choices, respond creatively and be able to assertively and respectfully communicate our needs, we can learn to creatively respond, create small changes. Additionally, with compassion and empathy allow this within our own lives and within other people`s lives. Start with you, start it within!

How? Be in the present moment, on purpose, intentionally with kindness.

If you are not sure how, then join to one of the Mindfulness courses, taught either by me or to one of my colleagues, where you can learn all the practical guides you need to create, learn, implement and embody Mindfulness in your life, which has been a real game changer for many. Be part of the community for our greater good including you and your family and friends!

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