New Challenges or in other words, the Two Sides of the Coin

This post been inspired in one hand by my “Astrosophy” analyses I received more than a year ago, and also by the new challenges I am facing.

In May 2021 I`ve started my Facebook Page to allow and provide possibility to reach more people, which is very much connected to one of my previous blog posts of What is your next step? , and voalah here we are, working on my challenges connected with visibility. Which inevitable means new challenges again, as now I am creating content for both sites. We could call this, life is dynamic and evolving; action and motion, creates something new, a new action and motion, life is not static. Like walking, we lift a foot we move the foot then we placing it down, then again we lift the other foot, moving and placing, one step at a time.

And this is what the Two Sides of the Coin means. My Astrosophy Analyses was created by a Hungarian astrologyst, astrosophyst Kiss Balazs Kuno, and while this post is not to advertise him, but rather bring in an important element which he writes regarding balance.

Based on what he wrote to me and based on my own interpretation, if you imagine a two sided weighing scale with 2 different weights, we need effort to balance it, which inside us, we try to balance this with great efforts depending on what is on one side. We also often use support to help us manage this great effort, which sometimes cause us stress, so we would like to balance this with for example mindfulness and meditation. However, the question is, how helpful it really is? How can create a new way of being through Mindfulness if the goal is not to “use” it for or against something but to create much more?

What would be, if we just simply change the weight we are trying to create balance with?

Couple of examples.

To bring my own example, as I was a very competitive person, not just competitive but often I was greatly comparing myself with other people, which we all know that it`s one of the worst enemies for confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. So, I was comparing myself with people and I was striving to somehow manage and reach similar stages, I also would like to reach. Mindfulness helped me first just to manage the tension which this gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. The continuous practice of mindfulness however slowly helped me to let go of the tendency of comparison and self-talk that “I am not good enough”; I slowly started to release and change to other side of the scale I was continuously trying to balance myself with. Mindfulness has the ability to create transformation if we let go of the preconceptions of what we are trying to reach with it.

Similar example which came up since Mindfulness reached mainstream. Companies started to bring in mindfulness to help their employees manage stress. Unfortunately though, they still try to keep the same weight on the one side, if not putting a heavier load actually. This means shortly that mindfulness is “used” as a tool to help people manage stress so more work can be given to them rather than supporting real change for a more enjoyable, fulfilled and healthier work relatedness, work-life balance. What else is possible?

What is means from an individual perspective, is that rather trying to weight and balance out with something outside of us, balancing within, making progression and adding on weight which is within our own reach, this will give the opportunity to really feel the successes we reach, and the feeling of contentment also.

“Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by it`s ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

What are you “using” Mindfulness for? How Mindfulness transformed your weighing scale?

What success means to you? How do you acknowledge and notice the steps you are taking within?

What is on the two sides of the weighing scale for you?

Please comment below, I`m very curious to hearing from you.

Thank you 🙂

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