Developing through Co-coaching

Hello Dear Reader,

The concept of coaching beyond sport terms are becoming more and more into the common space throughout business, education, health & well-being and more. Job titles includes the name coaching, just as various role descriptions. Yet, the term coaching still may means different things in each environment, like imagining a continuum or a square and each space/place has a slightly different angle or point of view. Especially, if we imagine the many routes emerging from coaching, like in therapy, there are many different therapist or teaching, there are many different teachers, yet the roots and the basics are very much the same or similar. 

I think coaching is not a rocket science and therefore which can be learned, practiced and can be embodied with a bit of effort, commitment, willingness and interest. Of course that depending on personality traits, for some people it might be easier while for some people it might take longer and for others it might not be attractive at all. In the same time, how I feel is that coaching skills are a somehow as must to explore, if we would like to connect and grow together as humans, including any smaller or larger relationships, community and society.

I see coaching not just as a profession but also an everyday skill for everyday connections, therefore I would like it to be know, available, to spread and to be practiced, in other words, if we could have an awareness, understanding and learning about it. So, in this article I would like to explore the group learning, which I now not just attend but also facilitate, and which provides a huge learning to everyone whether you are a beginner or an expert in coaching, it serves the whole spectrum.

The space we can all learn, practice and experiment in a safe environment is Co-coaching; the space where through an experiential way we can practice coaching, enrich and enhance our current skills, reflect on our current style and see, learn other techniques.

There are many places where this is available. I am practicing this through the Association for Coaching, which I am a member myself. To find out whether this is right and beneficial for you, you don`t need to be a member at first, so you can just see and try it out.

Otherwise, it is a great place to be.

AC describes Co-coaching “as a way of advancing our own coaching approach through experimenting with the approaches and getting feedback from other coaches.”

“Co-Coaching is a three-way learning opportunity; working in triads, each person will take turn as a Coach; a Client/Coachee and as an Observer.

Co-coaching enable you to:

  • Be coached by others
  • Observe others being coached
  • Offer feedback to others on their coaching skills
  • Gain multiple perspectives from a range of coaches
  • Connect and network with other professional coaches”

If this still doesn`t sound enough fun, we can put all these into different words and values, such and engagement, community, a safe space and a sense of belonging, being part of something bigger than yourself; a sense of purpose and meaning as well. It further provides values of growth and development, which underpinned by the ability to be vulnerable and able to come from the attitude of “beginners-mind”, “curiosity” and “kindness”.

Co-coaching as you can see, has many layers and has the potential to provide so much value. Therefore, I can only encourage all coaches, no matter what level you are on, to be part of such an experience, practice and community for the benefit of yourself, your practices, to your clients, as well as for the benefits to the smaller and larger circles of people around you, community and world. Perhaps, I might see you at a next co-coaching somewhere. 

Please share your experiences, thoughts, reflections, hopes, fears and any ideas about the above, very much looking forward to hear it.

Best wishes, 

With gratitude, Gabriella

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