I am a Professional Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Practicioner & Practicing Teacher with a never ending curiosity to learn and experience.

Getting to know myself, stepping out of my comfort zone and in the same time understanding other people, understanding and asking “why” we are doing and live the way we do, was always a constant companion. I have been asking questions of “What is the right help?”, “How can we as a society really help and contribute to each other? What is life really about?” and also questions of “What is my real talent? What is the career path really suits me? What is that vocation which I can be a master in?” other questions of “Where do I really belong? Where is my place in this big universe and how can I contribute with who I am”?

I have moved and explored along these questions; studied various topics, travelled around and worked in different places, met with different cultures and people, to gain experience and understanding.

My mission is to support you on your journey at a stage or stages when you are looking for answers, within. This is through coaching & mindfulness which are both based on gaining awareness, to help in self-discovery and self-actualisation to experience greater joy and fulfilment in life, to find who you are in moment to moment and how can you authentically live and contribute to the world with your excellence. By being aware of who you are and what you are experiencing in the present moment non-judgmentally, will provide the key to make intentional choices in responding, which will inevitable create changes and freedom.

My Story

At the age of 16, I faced with many challenges at one time; I had a lot of responsibility to support my family, to perform in School and also work in the same time. It was a lot to take on and I had coped with it in a self-destructive way; I just did not feel well being in my body or feeling on the right place. However, on the good side, I had the strength to ask for help, I asked one of my teachers to help me. So then, with her support, my self help and self-discovery journey with the curiosity to explore more about the world has began.

I finished Secondary School in the vocation of catering and hospitality. I wanted to be involved in the community and working with people, be creative and serve people. The curiosity to appreciate and love myself “better” and to help people to see how beautiful they are led me to study and work in Beauty Therapy for 2 years, which I liked very much and which skills earned I am ever grateful for.

Continue my adventure and curiosity to see us human beings, from a deeper level, understanding and being able to support & contribute, I have studied and attained a BSc in Social Work at the University of Szeged in Hungary. In the meantime, while in University I wanted to explore another culture and wanted to be part of something greater, have a real life experience gaining broader systemic understanding. This desire led me joining to a volunteering organization, DRH Holsted/Lindersvold & Humana People to People and I went to Denmark and Africa to be a contribution where really needed; I stayed in Malawi for half year where I worked with people who were suffering with HIV/AIDS, where we were raising awareness in prevention and other areas such as nutrition.

Soon after I graduated as a Social Worker and worked besides it, the feeling to live abroad and gain experience to live in another country had become stronger. As a result I took the plunge and moved to England where I have been living since. In this more than 5 years, I have worked in various companies, changed cities and continuously developed and studied.

The real game changer was my knee injury (torn ACL) in the end of 2018, which somehow moved me to the path where I met with Coaching in January 2019 after I started the Masters degree in Consciousness and Transformative studies at John F. Kennedy University in California. I fall in love with coaching, the questions, the openness, the possibilities it can create, so I immersed myself in coaching. I completed all coaching subjects at JFK; I attained a Level 3 Life Coaching Certificate at Oxbridge; I finishing an Association for Coaching accredited ACCT transformational comprehensive 6 month coaching course by Tom Dillon/Silver Lobster and further continue my professional development.

I find coaching a way of being and living, an attitude through connecting with others; It is not only a profession which you do 9-5 or you do it when you are at work or in a certain place; it became a way of interacting with people, it became a way of connecting with myself and others. I am listening in a different way, more deeply; I am also asking more questions, more open questions which open up the world of possibilities and choices in front of me and others. I am less tempted and urged to give advice to people or tell them or even think that I know better. I am more an enabler now, assertive and confident, in my abilities and all the other peoples` abilities, to let people make their own choices, but be there if they would like to see another perspective.

Coaching is a way of being just as Mindfulness, for me. I find Mindfulness very similar to coaching. Mindfulness creates awareness just as coaching does; they are working hand in hand. I see Mindfulness the basics, first comes awareness and acceptance with kindness and compassion.

I also found Mindfulness in a same way I found Coaching, after many years of learning different ways and approaches. I had listened to many guided relaxation and visualisation tapes and mantras at first and I was doing them for many years. I immersed myself in long walks where my mind could rest and I could just be with the nature. I have been practicing many exercises and sports where attention, intention and focus needed including Yoga. Walking on this path, 3 years ago I met with Vipassana meditation which completely changed my life; staying with whatever arises. Vipassana woke up my curiosity, so I further studied, practiced and looked into Raja Yoga meditation, where both were very beneficial to gain new insights.

It was only a bit more then a year ago in the middle of 2019 when I met with Mindfulness through Gloucestershire Mindfulness, another game changer; bringing the world together. Now, I am with no surprise, becoming a teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course and will be able to use Mindfulness Based Interventions in every aspects of my life including Coaching and everything else.

Both Mindfulness & Coaching became a way of living.

I believe that if every single person could let go of all the layers built up during growing up, let go of fears; would know, apply, live and contribute with their uniqueness, let others to do the same, then this world would be a better place.

I am very curious about your story!

Contact me below, it would be my pleasure to hear from you and contribute to your journey:

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