“All is well in my world”Louise L. Hay

The Potential of Bringing Mindfulness into Workplaces and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago within the Mindfulness Workplace Community we had a really inspiring conversation around the above topic of “What it would mean to bring mindfulness into workplaces?” What is the potential and benefit of doing that?” “What changes would occur and how would it look like? Since then I`ve kept thinking aboutContinue reading “The Potential of Bringing Mindfulness into Workplaces and Beyond”

What is your next step?

Change can be difficult sometimes, especially if it is beyond our comfort zone. In this post I would like to share a personal story about my own growth and change process, which may support you in your own. I will bring three different ideas together, which then I made my own conclusion. First, I willContinue reading “What is your next step?”

3 Exercises to become aware about Your Uniqueness

What can you gain by knowing how you are “doing” and perhaps how you “function” or what “drives” you in the present moment? There is a whole science and sciences which key focus is on analysing, categorizing, putting the pieces together to understand human behaviour, motivation, happiness and so on. There are plenty of books,Continue reading “3 Exercises to become aware about Your Uniqueness”

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