When is coaching a good choice?

I would like to demonstrate when coaching is a good choice on the following hypothetical scenarios: 1. You are feeling that you are doing quite well in life: you have an office job from 9am till 5pm, you have a nice spouse and some nice friends with whom you go out for some drinks timeContinue reading “When is coaching a good choice?”

How Culture Supports You in Your Career Path?

Have you ever wondered that how your country of origin, your culture and the society you grew up in might support you, gives you a potential to success in certain careers you choose? Have you wondered where are certain skills you have are coming from? If you have, then that`s wonderful, as until now IContinue reading “How Culture Supports You in Your Career Path?”

3 Exercises to become aware about Your Uniqueness

What can you gain by knowing how you are “doing” and perhaps how you “function” or what “drives” you in the present moment? There is a whole science and sciences which key focus is on analysing, categorizing, putting the pieces together to understand human behaviour, motivation, happiness and so on. There are plenty of books,Continue reading “3 Exercises to become aware about Your Uniqueness”