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We are in a journey of life together, I believe that we all are able to support each other and learn from each other, which sometimes can be pleasant or unpleasant and in the end we are all here to learn, grow, experience and enjoy this travel. I`m here to support you at some stage in your life, when you perhaps need someone to show you another perspective a different point of view about yourself and your place here for the benefit of a more fulfilling life in the present and may in the future.

The uniqueness of my services based on the integral approach which I am not just applying potentially during coaching You, but which I actively practice in my life and which is continuously evolving.

Life Coaching 1 session

Sometimes we feel that we don`t want to commit, we just would like to try something new, we would like to see if the approach is offered is working or not. Perhaps we only have one particular question, “problem” or decision which may be fulfilled by 1 session. So if you feel that this service is right for you, please contact me to arrange this 1 hour session with me.

Price: 1 hour / £40.00

Multiple Life Coaching sessions, length based on agreement

There are certain topics and areas which cannot be completed in 1 session, therefore if you are ready to commit at least for a minimum of 3 sessions, a commitment towards yourself to create change in your life, then this service is right for you. Everyone interested in a multiple session service will start with an initial 30 minutes free discovery session.


30 minutes discovery session / £0.00 included

3 to 12 sessions / £30.00 per session

Transformational Monthly based Life Coaching sessions with embed MBI`s

I find Mindfulness transformational itself; as I understand that not everyone is comfortable with this approach, therefore I decided to offer services with and without Mindfulness. Having to incorporate Mindfulness based interventions to life Coaching will have the possibility to create even greater awareness in our moment to moment and day to day life to support you in embracing the present moment. If Mindfulness and meditation is something interests you, perhaps you are already doing it or would like to know more, then this is going to be right for you.


30 minutes discovery session / £0.00 included in both packages

2 months Life Coaching package with embed MBI`s with weekly meetings / £230.00

4 months Life Coaching package with embed MBI`s with weekly then fortnightly meetings / £450.00

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