New Challenges or in other words, the Two Sides of the Coin

This post been inspired in one hand by my “Astrosophy” analyses I received more than a year ago, and also by the new challenges I am facing. In May 2021 I`ve started my Facebook Page to allow and provide possibility to reach more people, which is very much connected to one of my previous blogContinue reading “New Challenges or in other words, the Two Sides of the Coin”

Building Body Consciousness as Part of Self-Discovery

This post will be a sort of exploration and also sharing my journey and insights of how Mindfulness and turning towards myself/inward and to my body supported me to become body conscious and what it means, why is it helpful really, for the intention of learning to listen to our body, noticing our limits andContinue reading “Building Body Consciousness as Part of Self-Discovery”

The Potential of Bringing Mindfulness into Workplaces and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago within the Mindfulness Workplace Community we had a really inspiring conversation around the above topic of “What it would mean to bring mindfulness into workplaces?” What is the potential and benefit of doing that?” “What changes would occur and how would it look like? Since then I`ve kept thinking aboutContinue reading “The Potential of Bringing Mindfulness into Workplaces and Beyond”

Letting Go; What does it mean?

If we would like change to happen in our life, whether this change is experiencing being in the present moment more fully and accepting what it is, developing the attitude of letting go is necessary, it is part of a natural cycle. This letting go involves ideas, emotions, thoughts, feelings, projects, habits, people or somethingContinue reading “Letting Go; What does it mean?”

The difference between Flow and Mindfulness

My intention with this short content is to write down my experience about the difference between being in Flow and being in Awareness. Before I started practising Mindfulness and bare awareness, I also thought to myself that, if I am fully immersed in an activity for example playing sports, being involved in creative work, likeContinue reading “The difference between Flow and Mindfulness”